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Decuma Simplified Chinese handwriting recognition for Sony Ericsson P802/P908/P910c 2.0

Decuma Simplified Chinese handwriting recognition for Sony Ericsson P802/P908/P910c 2.0

Decuma Simplified Chinese handwriting recognition for Sony Ericsson P802/P908/P910c Publisher's Description

Decuma Simplified Chinese (SC) allows the Chinese phone user to easily and quickly enter words and phrases into a mobile phone by mimicking how a user would write with pen on paper. Decuma also offers its solution for alphabetic languages with Decuma Alphabetic. Decuma SC provides a focused writing process by recognizing the characters where they are written and offering a conveniently hidden candidate list at the same point of attention enabling a user to focus on one place. Because character recognition and editing are all contained in a compact box-based display area on the phone's screen, it allows the user to concentrate solely on writing.

Eliminate "eye-fly"
There is no need for the user to write in one area and constantly look up to another area where each character is displayed one at a time, like you experience with other solutions. Additionally, there is no need to navigate to errors in another part of the display as corrections can be made on the spot.

Eliminate "time-outs"
There is no need for the user to wait for the character to be recognized. You can simply move onto the next character as the previous recognition is in progress.

Handles natural variations in Chinese writing styles
Decuma SC handles natural variations in Chinese writing styles including printed, semi-cursive and common cursive. Printed style is when a character is written stroke-by-stroke in sequence. Semi-cursive style is when several or all strokes of an element are drawn as a single continuous stroke. Common cursive is when a whole character is drawn with one or two strokes. Decuma SC recognizes a broad range of character styles, all within a single input screen.

Device model compatibility
Decuma SC is compatible with Sony Ericsson P802, P908 and P910c mobile phones (the Chinese versions of the P800, P900 and P910 phones). It is based on the Symbian OS and utilizes UIQ Technology.

The Decuma SC handwriting recognition technology implements the following Chinese features:

  • Intuitive user interface with a box-based display area on the phone's touch screen. After entering in a character in a box, Decuma SC will recognize and present the most likely candidate in the boxed area. Alternative candidates are easily accessible by tapping on the box corner for quick selection.
  • Editing features such as 'back stroke' allow you to delete recognized characters or strokes quickly and conveniently.
  • Speed write feature enables the user to continuously write strings of characters one after the other in the boxes from left to right. After filling in the last box, simply go back to the left side and continue writing over again.
  • Box expansion capability with the user interface expandable to two large boxes instead of three smaller ones for easy writing of very complicated characters with a many strokes.
  • Word Association feature allows the user to more quickly complete the next character.
  • User personalization features include the ability for the user to add his own symbols to the database through the Shortcut/My Symbol feature.
  • Alphabetic input and recognition is included to enable the user to conveniently write in Chinese and English without having to switch between languages.

For more information on Decuma Simplified Chinese, visit Decuma is developed by Zi Corporation. Decuma and Zi are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Zi Corporation.

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